Monday, July 18, 2011

Death Cult

"Government is a death cult. It is the most profound mechanism outside of planetary extinction events to rid the globe of human beings."


Friday, July 15, 2011

Voting: How's that working out for you?


Captive chimpanzees show signs of compromised mental health.

"Such abnormal behaviour has been attributed to the fact that many zoo-living chimpanzees have little opportunity to adjust association patterns, occupy restricted and barren spaces compared to the natural habitat, and have large parts of their lives substantially managed by humans." 

That sounds familiar. Oh, wait, they're talking about chimps.

"Controlled diets and provisioned feeding contrast radically with the ever-changing foraging and decision-making processes of daily life in the wild."

Magic 8 ball says: Uncle Sam, Marion Nestle, Robert Lustig and the CSPI will be paying you a visit, in the near future.

Nothing jerks-off my heart like a saxophone.

Vindictive pricks fulfill stereotype of government bureaucrats.

The lady that got charged with "Vegetable Gardening without a Permission Slip" now gets charged with "Failure to Obey a Bureaucrat" That's a serious crime, folks. Super. Serious.

"Though the City of Oak Park dropped the charges against her over the vegetable garden, they are now pursuing a new case against her for having two unlicensed dogs..."

Film at Eleven

Humans are (Blank) -ogamous

"Individuals may figure out what works best for themselves in terms of balancing sex, love, intimacy, and commitment, but collectively we are a tragically confused species. The signposts in our biology and behavior suggest as much. This seems to originate from a few places: our evolutionary past, the overlapping – but independent – drives for love, sex and reproduction, individual variation in sexual preferences and drives, and the powerful effect of culture. One would think, given the importance of sex and mating in evolution, that natural selection would have put a straight-jacket on it and given us a stricter blueprint to follow, as other species seem to have. That doesn’t seem to be the case, however."

Analysis of the "confused species". Part one.